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You're telling me I can get fit while playing games? Busting the gamer's conundrum..

There is this age-old sentiment and stereotype that gamers just sit in their chair all day and are lazy (and unfit!!). Least that’s what my folks used to say…

So how can VR dispel this annoying illusion?

One of the amazing areas of gaming that VR has enabled is the ability to get fit while playing your favourite game. Something that the last year and a bit has taught us (and we have yearned for) is the ability to escape while some of us have had to isolate or stay at home. Stepping into the world provides this escape for us.

How to get fit while gaming?

A new genre of gaming specifically also helps us keep fit and active while we are going through the virtual reality experience - Virtual reality fitness (also known as VR Fitness.)

This experience, a cross over between active game play, uses technology, music, and epic visuals to immerse gamers into a virtual workout. In these games, your body pretty much becomes the controller.

  • Feel like dancing - Get fit while you are dancing to your favourite tunes!
  • Your immersed self needs to weave its way through obstacles? Just swing your hips and dodge!
  • Need to get out some frustration- throw some rapid jabs at a virtual boxing bag!

Why has VR Fitness exploded? 


More and more these days we are feeling time poor. We are trying to fit in as much as possible in a sometimes-busy schedule.

There are three reasons why it keeps us going –

  • It feeds our competitive spirit – Who doesn’t want to be at the top of the leader board? Or have that wining feeling when you beat your friends in an intense round robin.
  • It doesn’t feel like your “working out” – Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to think about working out or exercising – but it definitely won’t say no to an exciting couple of rounds of Audio Trip!
  • Exercise when you want (and where you want!) – Busy schedules and a run sometimes is hard to match up – coupled with erratic weather – it’s hard to find best time to get some cardio in – but you can jump into a VR fitness routine in a few seconds and have as sweat-fest in 15-20 minutes and burn as much calories as your regular jog!

Sure, VR Fitness can’t entirely replace traditional strength and conditioning exercises, but it can supplement your fitness regime. Do you mix up your gaming routine with some VR Fitness to keep active? Let us know how!

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